Kubeshop Acquires InfraCloud’s BotKube - ChatOps for Kubernetes

July 5, 2022
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Kubeshop acquires InfraCloud's BotKube, an open source collaborative management platform that monitors Kubernetes clusters and helps with interactive debugging. Read more about the future plans.
Blair Rampling
Product Leader
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Kubeshop Acquires InfraCloud’s BotKube - ChatOps for Kubernetes

# Kubeshop acquires InfraCloud’s BotKube - a popular ChatOps platform to propel Kubernetes cluster debugging forward

**GREENWICH (Jul 5, 2022)**

[Kubeshop](http://kubeshop.io), a Kubernetes-focused accelerator and incubator, expands its existing portfolio of products by acquiring a majority stake in [BotKube](http://botkube.io). “We are excited to drive product expansion and invest in Botkube’s growing community of users and contributors”, said Ole Lensmar - Kubeshop CTO.

[Vishal Biyani](https://www.linkedin.com/in/vishalbiyani/?originalSubdomain=in_) CTO & Founder at InfraCloud said “This is a great validation of InfraCloud’s strategy to build Open Source Products that help end users with adopting Kubernetes. We are happy to see a new leadership for BotKube and be part of growth along with Kubeshop.”

[BotKube](http://botkube.io) (botkube.io) is an open source collaborative management platform that monitors Kubernetes clusters and helps with interactive debugging. “Helping BotKube grow made perfect sense to us - making the Kubernetes journey simpler and easier for developers, DevOps engineers, and teams is our main mission.”, said Kubeshop CEO [Dmitry Fonarev](https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmitry-fonarev-564177/).

Among its many capabilities, BotKube allows you to:

  • Integrate with popular messaging platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord and Mattermost, and be notified of critical Kubernetes events
  • Customize the level of events you want to receive from a Kubernetes cluster
  • Receive recommendations of standard practices by running checks on Kubernetes resources
  • Directly interact with your clusters from within the messaging platform without requiring access to kubectl or underlying infrastructure.
  • Debug deployments, services, and other Kubernetes objects through a familiar and auditable interface.

Kubernetes administrators and DevOps people tend to work collaboratively throughout the day, pairing and reviewing pull requests as new infrastructure and applications are deployed and updated. Responding to incidents, however, tends to fall on the shoulders of one on-call person per team, wherever they may be at the time, 24x7. BotKube extends your collaborative management into the incident response and troubleshooting process. Everyone with access to the collaboration and communication platform can see monitoring alerts and initiate interactive troubleshooting steps. The entire team can see what steps have already been taken and avoid duplicated work. If you're on the go, for example, you can even initiate the troubleshooting steps from your mobile collaboration app and already know what resolution activities you need to take when you arrive at your destination.

As the latest open source project to join Kubeshop, BotKube will have access to people, network, and expertise to grow its community and user base, with continued focus on providing squeezed developers and teams with a “master view” of their Kubernetes resources with the ultimate goal of accelerating the pace and improving the quality of their work. 

For more information, visit Kubeshop’s [Website](http://kubeshop.io) or [GitHub](https://github.com/kubeshop) page, the BotKube [website](https://www.botkube.io/), or join the BotKube [Slack community](http://join.botkube.io/).

BotKube is joining other Kubeshop projects: [Monokle](https://monokle.kubeshop.io/) - Kubernetes Configuration IDE, [Testkube](https://testkube.kubeshop.io/) - Kubernetes-native testing framework, [Kusk](https://kusk.kubeshop.io/) - OpenAPI driven APIOps for Kubernetes, [Tracetest](https://tracetest.kubeshop.io/) - End-to-End Testing based on OpenTelemetry.

[InfraCloud Technologies](https://www.infracloud.io/) is an open source cloud computing solutions company. InfraCloud helps companies adopt cloud native OSS technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus etc. and modernize their applications and infrastructure platforms with its products and services.


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