Cloud Native Hackathon - Guide to Kubeshop Tools

December 7, 2021
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Kubeshop is excited to sponsor the first Cloud Native Hackathon by Community Classroom. Check out our guide to Monokle, TestKube, and Monokle to get started with the tools before the Hackathon.
Kelly Revenaugh
Developer Relations Lead
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Cloud Native Hackathon - Guide to Kubeshop Tools

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Kubeshop is excited to sponsor the first Cloud Native Hackathon! Community Classroom has done an amazing job at bringing hands-on developer training, mentorship, and resources to a worldwide audience.  

If you haven't heard of us yet, hello! We’re Kubeshop, an open source incubator/accelerator focused on creating tools for developers in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Join our Discord server in the #cloudnative-hackathon channel while you’re hacking to get support from the Kubeshop team, say hello, and share any feedback - as well as a big announcement (don’t miss it!) exclusively for participants after the event.

To help get the most out of your time during the Hackathon, we’ve put together a handy-dandy guide to help you get started with Kubeshop’s tools.

We have a few projects available to use with your new application:

  • Kusk
  • Monokle
  • TestKube

Utilizing these tools and sharing your experience will help you win the grand prize of a new Sony Playstation 5 or runner up prize of KCNA training vouchers and Logitech MX Master 3 Professional Mouse for all team members - plus, it's a great experience to begin using these best practices in your cloud native application development workflow. Win, win!

Let’s get started:


Join the “Set up your K8s API resources quickly with Kusk” livestream on December 9 at 2pm IST!

Here at Kubeshop, we’re big fans of adopting a design-first approach to REST API software development. Learning how to format k8s resources takes a lot of effort to both implement and keep updated while developing applications. OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard, language-agnostic interface description for HTTP APIs, which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of a service without requiring access to source code, additional documentation, or inspection of network traffic.

Learn more about OpenAPI Specification:

OAS Github - OpenAPI Specification

Overview Video - Better API Design with OpenAPI (Cloud Next '18)

Overview Video - REST API and OpenAPI: It’s Not an Either/Or Question (IBM)

Kusk is a command-line tool that treats your OpenAPI definition as the source of truth for generating supplementary K8s resources for your REST APIs. Kusk can help you generate Kubernetes resources like Ingress resources, Ambassador mappings, service profiles for Linkerd, resources for Traefik, and more.

Read more about Kusk:


Join the “Managing your K8s manifests with Monokle” livestream on December 9 at 1pm IST!

Next up is Monokle, our desktop tool to help make working with Kubernetes clusters easier than ever. Monokle can help navigate resources and their relations, provide validation of content and link integrity, preview and debug resources generated with kustomize or helm, diff resources against your cluster and apply changes immediately, and a lot more.  

Check out the Monokle resources:


Join the “Test your K8s application natively with TestKube” livestream on Dec 9 at 1:30pm IST!

TestKube Logo

Lastly (but certainly not least!), TestKube decouples test artifacts and execution from CI/CD tooling; tests are meant to be part of your cluster’s state and can be executed as needed. TestKube makes it easy for engineers to run specific tests whenever needed and gives the ability to view test results instantly via the dashboard (standalone).

View TestKube resources:

What’s Next?

We hope that helps give you a jump start in learning the Kubeshop tools available during the Cloud Native Hackathon for your cloud native applications and cloud native computing Feel free to reach out to us via the Kubeshop Discord server under #cloudnative-hackathon (quickest!) or the Community Classroom Discord under the #ask-kubeshop channel. We welcome any questions, feedback, or suggestions!

Be sure to join the Monokle, TestKube, and Kusk workshops on December 9th to get hands-on lessons straight from the Kubeshop team.

Good luck!

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