The Kubeshop Team

John Dietz




John Dietz has over 20 years of experience building software, teams, and companies. From a technical standpoint, he has mastered most aspects of software, delivery, and infrastructure, and has spent most of his career in lead technical roles for test automation, performance, software development, data warehousing, platform engineering, and cloud engineering.

In 2006, he bootstrapped his own technology consulting business, Integrity Test Solutions, where he helped numerous major organizations for a 16-year stretch, including Northrop Grumman, American Systems, USA Today, and Remine. During this period he led a wide variety of technical missions in development, devops, testing, and platform building efforts, and gained the expertise to run a successful business and master the cloud computing landscape.

In 2019, he cofounded Kubefirst and began nights-and-weekends development with a relentless passion to enable organizations with instant kubernetes platforms for infrastructure management and application delivery. After a thorough and successful enterprise pilot, Kubefirst was open sourced in 2021 and acquired by Kubeshop a few months later. John is now helping lead his new team at Kubeshop see the rest of the project’s vision through to commercial success.