Clé Dupuy

Director of Operations

Clé graduated from Yale in 2018 with Distinction in political science, concentrating in political philosophy. As an undergraduate, he worked on a drug law reform campaign in California where he built and maintained a database of thousands of dynamic businesses used by all major organizations involved.

In 2018, he took a Quantitative Analyst role at Trade Informatics, the market leader in transaction cost analysis for institutional investors. While there, he maintained databases for 10 clients managing over $2 trillion in capital and provided actionable reporting to head traders, portfolio managers, and CIOs of hedge funds and other investment firms to reduce trading slippage and transaction costs.

Clé now oversees Operations at K8s Innovation Labs including the tools we use to collaborate and build our products. He is passionate about the roles Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and automation will play in the 21st century and how Kubernetes will help drive that evolution.