What’s an accelerator?

At Kubeshop, we identify significant problems worth solving in the Kubernetes and cloud-native space. We turn them into opportunities for open-source tools for developers and testers.

We build dedicated self-sufficient autonomous teams and provide them with core services such as Developer Relations, Marketing, and general Go-To-Market expertise.

We welcome Entrepreneurs, Founders and Teams, who would like help in growing their project or an idea, and who would value working with experienced operators and other like-minded leaders.

After Product Market Fit is established, and a thriving user community is growing, we build successful Products and Businesses.

Our portfolio

CIVO Acquires Kubefirst

CIVO, the only pure-play cloud-native service provider, has officially announced the acquisition of Kubefirst

the renowned open-source GitOps powered platform for Kubernetes, from its parent company Kubeshop. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Why we do what we do

Kubernetes is complex.

And most of the tooling in the space has been built for DevOPS Engineers or for SME’s.


Kubeshop is focusing on Developers and Testers.

Each of our projects aims to make people’s and teams’ Kubernetes journey easier, faster, and better—regardless of whether it’s your N-th year or first days on it.

We will be successful because...

  • Each of our teams and founders is determined to solve a specific challenge.
  • We are obsessive about UX: users and their experience with our projects is key to our success.
  • We have a long track record of building and adapting great open-source projects such as Swagger, Cucumber, and SoapUI.
  • We are passionate about our mission and love what we do.

Want to help build great open-source projects?

Or maybe you have an idea for a
cloud-native or Kubernetes project...?

Reach out to pitch your idea
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