K8s Accelerator- Incubator

At Kubeshop, our mission is to build a thriving open-source ecosystem and pipeline of next generation Kubernetes products and projects.

First of its kind open-source accelerator-incubator focused on k8s



new opportunities in the K8s space


with easy to use and deploy products and open-source initiatives


the shared experiences of those who work with us


from scratch with a back of the napkin idea

Our Operating Principles

  • Focus on the needs and opportunities within the k8s space
  • Embrace and nurture ideas and enthusiasm within our teams
  • Relentless focus on builders and practitioners
  • Commitment to open-source principles and methods

How do we do it?

  • Providing necessary resources to software builders who are driven by solving “real world” problems in the k8s space
  • Nurturing ideas that gain traction into standalone ecosystems, products and companies
  • Continuously expanding and leveraging our own expertise to help our teams and projects achieve their goals
  • Engage with existing open-source ecosystems and communities in the K8s space
  • We move fast, we fail fast, we pivot

Our Team

We are a team of passionate and experienced technologists committed to creating solutions and open-source tools that empower engineers to build and run cloud-native applications.

We are backed by some of the most successful investors and operators in the software industry who share our enthusiasm for Cloud Native Computing and belief in Kubernetes as the foundation for how to build the software of tomorrow.

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Passionate about Kubernetes and the emerging ecosystem? Join our team!