An Accelerator for
Open Source Startups

Kubeshop is a first-in-the-world open source accelerator building tools for developers and testers in the Kubernetes & cloud native space

What’s an accelerator?

At Kubeshop, we identify significant problems worth solving in the Kubernetes and cloud-native space. We turn them into opportunities for open-source tools for developers and testers.

We build dedicated self-sufficient autonomous teams and provide them with core services such as Developer Relations, Marketing, and general Go-To-Market expertise.

We welcome Entrepreneurs, Founders and Teams, who would like help in growing their project or an idea, and who would value working with experienced operators and other like-minded leaders.

After Product Market Fit is established and a thriving user community is growing, we build successful Products and Businesses.

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Our Projects

Kubernetes-native testing framework
Visit Testkube
Bot for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters
Visit Botkube
E2E testing tool that uses OpenTelemetry traces
Visit Tracetest
Instant GitOps Platform
Visit Kubefirst
Streamline your Kubernetes deployments
Visit Monokle
OpenAPI-driven gateway for API-First teams
Visit Kusk

Why you would want to work here

  • We are innovative, clever, cutting edge, (yet humble)
  • We work remotely, and are flexible, international (we speak 16 languages), yet we act as One when necessary
  • We are flat, accessible, transparent, yet goals and metrics-oriented
  • Did we mention we're "Fun & cool?" ;-)
  • We are supportive, experienced engineers & leaders who embrace a philosophy of “There is no such thing as failure: there are validated or invalidated hypotheses"

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