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Kubeshop is a first-in-the-world open-source accelerator building tools for developers and testers in the Kubernetes & cloud-native space

What’s an accelerator?

At Kubeshop, we identify significant problems worth solving in the Kubernetes and cloud-native space. We turn them into opportunities for open-source tools for developers and testers.

We build dedicated self-sufficient autonomous teams and provide them with core services such as Developer Relations, Marketing, and general Go-To-Market expertise.

We welcome Entrepreneurs, Founders and Teams, who would like help in growing their project or an idea, and who would value working with experienced operators and other like-minded leaders.

After Product Market Fit is established and a thriving user community is growing, we build successful Products and Businesses.

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Our Projects

Streamline your Kubernetes deployments
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Kubernetes-native testing framework.
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End-to-end testing tool that uses OpenTelemetry traces.
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Fast forward your cloud-native journey.
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Bot for monitoring and debugging Kubernetes clusters.
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OpenAPI-driven gateway for API-First teams.
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WHY you would want to work here

  • We are innovative, clever, cutting edge, (yet humble)
  • We work remotely, and are flexible, international (we speak 16 languages), yet we act as One when necessary
  • We are flat, accessible, transparent, yet goals and metrics-oriented
  • Did we mention we're "Fun & cool?" ;-)
  • We are supportive, experienced engineers & leaders who embrace a philosophy of “There is no such thing as failure: there are validated or invalidated hypotheses"

What others are saying...

I do not like reading or writing manifest yamls so have been looking for something like this. The documentation looks pretty thorough too... Excited to try this out!
trace assertions
“This is pretty neat ... It lets you set assertions on trace attributes then replay the trace and see if things changed.”
I do not like reading or writing manifest yamls so have been looking for something like this. The documentation looks pretty thorough too... Excited to try this out!
Testkube saved us about 4 months of development time by automating our tests in our staging clusters.
I love the concept of Trace-Based-Testing (TBT). It marries testing and tracing quite nicely - why choose, when you can have both? Also, it helps drive Observability-driven-development (ODD), and brings developers, testers, SREs together. I’ve played around with Tracetest since its early versions and it’s been cool to see the product evolve. Definitely some cool stuff brewing!
I was impressed.
What made it click was that I have been trying to use openAPI but without automation the code and the docs go out of sync. Using the docs as part of gitops (APIops?) means they will be the single source of truth. And kusk seems to enable this!
Monokle is an open-source tool developed by Kubeshop that makes it very easy to manage and inspect your Kubernetes Manifests, showing you how your manifests and different objects are connected to each other.
We are really excited about testkube. We barely scratched the surface with it and so far it's looking extremely promising. I can't wait to try it out on a larger scale.
My ultimate pick was Tracetest which was a phenomal show stopper for E2E testing and tracing use cases. A phenomenal improvement over other tools in the space that I’ve seen.
Most incredible platform since the dawn of time!
Kubefirst of the most interesting features of Kusk-gateway is that it allows for automating the entire deployment process of your API without requiring manual intervention by enabling the design and deploy your APIs from a single OpenAPI definition
Learned how to use Monokle to manage and debug the Kubernetes manifest files before deploying them to the cluster. The feature I liked the most is Cluster Compare. Check it out guys. Its awesome.
Shout out to the Testkube folks! First off, they try to solve an important problem: how to e2e test applications running in a cluster the Cloud-Native way. But also, their GitHub README is BS-free! It explains the Whys and Hows concisely and hell-concretely!
Tracetest is a really interesting solution helping us to build our tests cases based on OpenTelemetry. It opens doors to the testing community to build functional and non-functional test cases.
Kubefirst has been a game changer for my team at Virtru. By adopting the Kubefirst GitOps platform, Virtru has been able to reduce operational costs, improve overall platform security, and most importantly reduce time to market - releasing our first product to the Google Cloud Platform marketplace within weeks.
If you're somebody who is part of a team developing REST APIs running in K8s or you're someone who wants to reduce the time (and efforts) spent on configuring ingress controllers, Kusk-gateway is for you!
Tried out @Monokle_io, an amazing tool that makes it easy to manage and debug K8s manifests.
Awesome work, I can confirm that the exact same script and POST command work now where they didn't before. Thank you, that was super quick.
It looks like you already have the visualizations (I really like the model/component graph I saw in y'alls video demo of this) so it'd really be just the extension part. Well I have to say, I'm thrilled to see a project like this one out there.
Tried out using @Monokle_io,, an amazing tool that makes it easy to manage and debug K8s manifests.
Perfect! When i have the repo i will write here, thank you very much for the support! I really like this project!

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